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How to stay on top of your taxes

Staying on top of your tax obligations can be a challenge, particularly when you’re trying to run a busy business. Doing so really does make life much easier when it comes to submitting your self assessment however and it also helps you maintain control of your accounts and in the rare event that you do…Read More

How to make your office more energy efficient and save your business money

In today’s technologically advanced world, offices are jam-packed full of electronic equipment. From computers, telephones, printers, scanners, heaters, air-conditioning units, kettles, microwaves and mobile phones constantly being charged, companies are paying a fortune in energy bills. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can reduce this. As well as saving your…Read More

Great ways to cut your business costs

There are costs involved with running any business and although there is nothing you can do to avoid this, there are some simple yet effective changes you can make to reduce your expenses and improve profitability. Reduce energy use Use energy saving light bulbs, make sure the windows are insulted properly, encourage people to email…Read More

How to avoid cashflow problems when you run your own business

One in four businesses don’t make it through the first year and more than half don’t survive past the fifth. Unsurprisingly, one of the main reasons for this is down to cashflow – without it, a business simply cannot stay afloat. Below are some of the most common cashflow problems and how you can prevent…Read More

The most common accounting mistakes small businesses make

When running a business, mistakes are inevitable and one of the most common areas in which people slip up is with accounting and bookkeeping. Accounting mistakes can range from minor errors such as forgetting to keep low-value receipts all the way up to issues that can really affect your company’s cash flow and even put…Read More

How to write a Marketing Strategy

A ‘marketing strategy’ isn’t just for big corporate organisations, it’s for every business.  Size really is irrelevant – it’s all about having a clear focus of what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it. So how do you keep a marketing strategy simple?  Here’s our 4 step guide! Market Research…Read More

Tax efficient ways to get your staff fitter and healthier

It makes sense that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. As well as being more motivated during the day and getting more done, they’re also less likely to take sick days. The government has recognised these benefits and has introduced tax breaks to employers who promote good health so encouraging your staff to be…Read More

Tips for moving your business to the next level

If you are in a position where you have built up a good company and are turning over a modest profit, then now could be the time to start thinking about moving it up a level or two. Whilst expanding your business sounds like a great idea, the thought of hiring new staff, changing the…Read More

How to use your mobile phone as a sales tool

Thanks to the continuing advancement of modern technology, managing directors and their employees can now conduct business quickly and easily even when they’re not at their desk. As well as being a very helpful tool for remote working, when used effectively mobile phones can actually be a fantastic way to improve customer service and boost…Read More

Five things that very successful people do

Everyone has their own unique working habits and you are unlikely to ever find two people who work in exactly the same way – regardless of whether or not they are successful. However, research has showed that hugely successful people do often share certain habits and personality traits that are thought to be a massive…Read More

Crowdfunding: What is it and why is it changing the world of business?

The Internet has dramatically changed the world and the way that many companies now do business. From websites and social media to managing online reputations and having the ability to engage with customers instantaneously, you would struggle to find a company that isn’t online these days. One of the most notable features of the Internet…Read More

Promote your business through Windsor Accountancy

Here at Windsor Accountancy we are always thinking of new ways to help our customers and show them how much we appreciate them. Bearing this in mind, to coincide with the launch of our brand new website, we have come up with a great new concept that we think you will love. We would like…Read More

Top 5 tips for growing your business

Making the decision to grow your company is both a scary and exciting time. The thought of new customers, more business and bigger profits is appealing to any entrepreneur. However, knowing exactly what to do and how to get it right is the tricky part. Whilst there is a lot involved in the process of…Read More


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