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The Windsor Accountancy Tax App gets a makeover

As the world has gone crazy for mobile phone apps, a while back Windsor Accountancy launched our very own tax app. We may be a little biased but personally, we think it’s great and we’re even more impressed with the features after its recent makeover. As well as having a general overhaul to improve the…Read More

Following on from the first part of our ‘how to switch off from your business and enjoy your holiday’ special, this week we bring you our final instalment. Read on to find out how to ensure you will be able to relax while you’re lying on that beach rather than worrying about your staff, workflow,…Read More

The benefits of making friends with your competitors

Most businesses wouldn’t dream of being nice or helpful to their competitors – let alone friends. However, in reality, most businesses actually have very few competitors because even though you may operate in the same market, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will ‘play’ in the same space and target the same demographic with the…Read More


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